Bready Eyed

This week’s blog is more about pictures than words, so excuse my brevity and lack of the usual free-flowing bread based puns. It’s been a busy week. First, let’s start at the end, and conveniently with a clip that justifies my blog heading Bready Eyed. 

I realised today I may have been talking to people about bread more than they are interested in hearing about bread. Is this what I’ve become?

Ok. Now to beginning for a round-up of my ‘working’ week.


The week began with me staying in a hotel at Luton Airport, ready to wake up at 5am and get a flight to Vilnius in Lithuania. What I neglected to do before going to sleep was to set an alarm. Turns out my body clock is working well, as I luckily happened to wake up at 5am. How does that even work?

My friend Sam collected me from the airport in Vilnius and gave me the tour, which amongst other things, included a 5 meter sculpture of Tony Soprano. I don’t feel like I asked enough questions about this.

Tourist points for trying the local cuisine, which came in the form of Cepelinai and Kibinai. Cepelinai takes a while to prepare, and is essentially the biggest gnocchi you have ever eaten. A few bars, games of Boggle, and failed attempts to understand the rules of Russian Pyramid later, and we called it a night.



Let’s just say I had the morning to myself, and my one word of Lithuanian which is Ačiū. It sounds like sneezing but means thank you.

The first stop was the Museum of Illusions and a very helpful young tour guide who took multiple photos of me posing with each display.



I have been trying to say ‘yes’ to as many things as possible. By chance I wondered into Art Gallery E.K. next, and when I got chatting with a lady in there, she suggested I go to a photography exhibition at Prospekto Galerija later that day. So, I said yes.

After being reunited with Sam we made our way across town to see the exhibition entitled “Depths, Cuts and Grains” by artists Geistė Marija Kinčinaitytė and Louise Oates, which also happened to be really good. It then transpired that a couple of them were from Brockley in South East London, not far from where I used to live in Peckham, and we followed the conversation with our new-found friends to a spontaneous night out in Vilnius.


Trakai Island Castle. A castle on an island, in a frozen lake. Nothing more I can add to that.



A little teaser from my collaboration with Caleb Simmons this week…


And another from Friday with Olly Knight…

Closing credits. 

This week’s screen time has included the brilliant Annihilation, Black Mirror episode ‘USS Callister’, The End of the F***ing World, an intro to Rick and Morty, Wonder Woman and Ricky Gervais’s Humanity.

However, this was the best thing I’ve watched all week. Thanks Tom.

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