Captain Breadbeard’s Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook

The only fast-paced pun-tastic bready-brilliant absurd sketch comedy show about a sailor with a beard made of bread that you need to see! Have you taken the time to consider the dangers that people with floury facial fuzz encounter every day? If not, then you’re in luck… Captain Breadbeard will take you on a magical and energetic journey of enlightenment. Focaccia later. 

23 April 2019 | Cathedral Lodge| Canterbury  

 25 April 2019 | Comedy Lock-in, The Anchor |Faversham  

26 April 2019 | Barton Church | Canterbury 

10,11 & 31 May | The Warren| Brighton Fringe  

1 & 2 June | The Warren | Brighton Fringe

1 & 2 June | Fit-Up Stage| Brighton Fringe 

29 & 30 Aug 2019 | Faversham Fringe: Faversham Town Hall 

19 Oct 2019 | Canterbury Festival: Canterbury Library

10 Nov 2019 | Camden People’s Theatre | London

24 & 25 Jan 2020 | The Blue Orange Theatre | Birmingham

22-25 Mar 2020 | Glasgow International Comedy Festival: The Bungo

3 Apr 2020 | The Quay | Sudbury

23 & 30 Apr 2020 | Museum of Comedy | London

24 Apr 2020 | Firebug | Leicester

29 Apr 2020 | The Brook Theatre | Chatham

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Buns in the oven for 2020

The Rising and Proving of Captain Breadbeard 

The much anticipated sequel telling the real loaf story of Captain Breadbeard and his continuing struggle to thwart the evil plans of his mentor-turned-archnemesis, Captain Crusty Catfish. After falling out with Catfish over his controversial methods and hatred of puns, Breadbeard rises to fame as an advocate for society’s downtrodden, including those in hiding with beards made of bread. During this time his feud with Catfish increases and he must confront and stop an outrageously evil plan which threatens loaf as we know it. When you look at the world through glasses made of bread, it is a dark and crumby place, but Breadbeard manages to bring doughball issues into focus for this return to the stage. 

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An Idiom’s Guide to the Galaxy 

Puns may be the lowest hanging comedy fruit, but put in the right pie, taste amazing! Like a fine whisky or double espresso you need to develop your palate to fully appreciate them. We’re here to take you on that journey. An Idiom’s Guide to the Galaxy takes you through the world of word plays, oranges and absurdity of language and colour.  

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