Dave Watt

Founder of Captain Breadbeard Productions

I was at a networking event in Croatia and a woman approached me saying she had been trying to find me but didn’t know what I looked like, but someone told her I was the man with bread on his face (at this point I just had your everyday standard hairy beard!). And so Captain Breadbeard was born.

I grew up in Canterbury before moving to London to do a Performing Arts degree and then ran a successful business in the sailing industry. The Captain Breadbeard series combines my passion for both. I then returned to Canterbury with my wife and 3 (soon to be 4) children. As a father I see a gap in the market for comedy that doesn’t contain adult-only content and themes, but isn’t a children’s show either. A show made for adults, that children can enjoy too.

This year I wrote, produced and performed Captain Breadbeard’s Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook. Currently working on two new shows called The Rising and Proving of Captain Breadbeard and An Idiom’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Nick Surridge

aka Davy Scones

Nick Surridge is an actor ,writer, director, retired GP and father-in-law to Dave.

He trained at City Literary Institute. As well as a long history of creating and performing sketch comedy (including two years at Greenbelt Festival) he has also developed site-specific events (The Rose Case – Apothecaries Hall, London) and been part of Community Theatre projects (Till the Boys Come Home – Sydenham Arts Festival.)

Recently he was Polonius in the Canterbury Shakespeare Festival production of Hamlet.

He may have been more suited to play Rosencrust or Guildenscone

Not to be mistaken for Pitta Capaldi.