Angela Dye, Faversham Radio

“Captain Breadbeard and Davy Scones were definitely not pitta-full. They definitely had it all wrapped up. I’d be brown bread if I carried on all this crumby stuff – (mum jokes are the worst in my house). These guys weren’t half baked but fully risen performance artists. Not a stale joke in sight. Fresh and springy all the way with a lovely varied set. It was very well constructed with fun facts sandwiched between the wit and even occasional pathos. Yes! I actually really emotionally invested in the dangerous duck tales. I really didn’t tire at all of the bread jokes. I actually marvelled they could make so many. Lovely and layered for all ages. I didn’t miss the ‘popping tarts and hob bobbing all night bit! Lots of fabulous music spoofs too. Totally engaging- they never let it slip for one second. Energetic and vibrant and convincing. I’m definitely not a kid’s show kind of person but this cleverly spans all age groups. Go see them next time. You won’t be disappointed.”