Mind of an eagle, body of a seagull.

The seagle is a misunderstood creature. The mind of an eagle born into the body of a seagull. Rhymes with beagle. His piers, pun intended, would hang around the local chippies and seaside amusements waiting for easy prey. But he is not content to stoop to this level of unorganised crime, for in time you will see, the seagle is a classy bird. He will never be a jail bird, because he is the early bird. He likes to plan what he’s having for tea. It could a worm, or it could be the tasting menu at the Fat Duck, because although cheep doesn’t automatically mean bad quality, why take the risk. He doesn’t like the sea, because he’s not a seagull. And he doesn’t doesn’t like bays, because he’s not a bagel. And even if he was a bagel, he’d be no plain bagel… He’d be the Everything Bagel. The best bagel; topped with all the seeds, and packed full of sausage, egg and cheese!


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