Toaster racing from Towcester

Today is #NationalToastDay.

Here at Bread Quarters myself and Davy Scones have been thinking about racing from Towcester, and not just racing from Towcester but racing with toasters. Two two-slice toasters live from Towcester.

And what a fine day it is for toaster racing. The ground is bread level, and no chance of rain. Nasty accident last week at Market Raisin where one of the toast jockeys got electrocuted in a freak shower mid race. Such are the hazards of racing electric toasters in the rain. Today’s toasters are Red Crumb, a famous thoroughbread in the red and white silks, and Tea Biscuit from the successful McVites’ stable, hoping to add to recent success in the Cheltenham Gold Cupcake.

So how can you get involved today beyond raising and eating toast? You can help us name the rest of the toasters in the line up. Red Crumb and Tea Biscuit are the favourites, but who is the competition? Could it be Whisk Aversion, Sweet Buns of Mercy or Roll of Thunder? Let us know your suggestions 🙂 

And if you enjoy racing toasters, you’ll love what’s coming up next week… It’s tracing toasters, with Tony Tart.


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