Captain Breadbeard and Davy Scones head to Brighton Fringe 2019

It’s official. We’re off to Brighton Fringe with a pun-tastic, fast-paced, bready-brilliant show this May. Head to Brighton Fringe or The Warren website to book. You donut want to miss this, so get your tickets now before they’re all scone!




2 thoughts on “Captain Breadbeard and Davy Scones head to Brighton Fringe 2019

  1. Hi there
    Is this event for children? It sounds as if it is but it doesn’t come up in the family and youth section of fringe guide? I was going to get some tickets for my 10 years old daughters birthday if it is?
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for your message. It is not specifically a children’s show but it is a family friendly show, so no bad language and content is appropriate for all ages. Some of the references and word plays might go over the heads of younger viewers, but they typically still enjoy the silliness, unusual props, music and general high energy of the show. Last week we did a preview specifically for families with kids ranging from 2-16 years old and was very well received by all. I hope that helps and would love to see you there! Cheers, Dave / Captain Breadbeard 🙂


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