The perfect question to divide a room.

Sometimes it is necessary to divide up a group of people, but far too often this is handled insensitively.

Even from an early age we experience this emotional stress when being chosen last when picking sides for football or a friendly game of rounders. Or which school you can attend based on your ability to pass an exam or the size of your parent’s bank account.

Into the adult world of university and work there is now a politically correct tightrope which is not forgiving of your intention nor interested in your apology. Divide, delegate, or demote at your peril.

So here it is. The perfect question to divide a room without prejudice (perceived or otherwise), bias or fear of the trolls that live in the cloud…

Do you stand up or sit down when wiping your bottom?

It works first time, every time. And if you need to further divide the group there is a follow up question which works equally as well…

Do you fold or scrunch?

The practical implications are huge. For example, you may have male and female toilets in your place of work, but are struggling for space to also build a disabled and gender neutral toilet (which should really be called gender fluid anyway to embrace the natural play on words). With the Perfect Question you can now have a toilet for people who stand when they wipe, and another for those who sit. Plus with a little bit of creativity you don’t even need to buy new signs…

Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 11.46.10










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