UK not Bready for Snowmageddon.

Well that escalated quickly!

It’s going to be a shorter blog this week, so straight in with headlines. I am pleased to report it has been a fantastic few days for bakers in the UK as a relatively light dusting of snow caused panic buying of bread from supermarkets around the country. It’s times like these that really help us get our priorities straight in life. #LoveLoafNotWar #LoafWins

28 Plays Later. 

I’m happy to have completed the challenge of writing 28 plays in 28 days in February, although I now have to survive March on self motivation. Here’s one more play for you from last month’s archives, called Time to say Goodbye.

31 Songs Later. 

Everyone else’s “snow days” have put my March song writing plans on ice somewhat. I’m hoping to make some more headway next week, however I did manage to remotely collaborate on one piece with Tim Jones. A work in progress but a start nonetheless…


In the spirit of a) sharing and b) proving I didn’t just build snowmen this week, here are 3 quotes that jumped off the page this week from the many books I have on the go.

“I can, of course, see the temptations of not beginning. Chiefly, not beginning sustains the belief that you are gifted…” Jill Dawson 

“Because out there in the real world, freedom means you have to admit authorship, even when your story turns out to be a stinker.” Steve Toltz

“The saddest thing about life is you don’t remember half of it. You don’t even remember half of half of it. Not even a tiny percentage, if you want to know the truth. I have this friend Bob who writes down everything he remembers. If he remembers dropping an ice cream cone on his lap when he was seven, he’ll write it down. The last time I talked to Bob, he had written more than five hundred pages of memories. He’s the only guy I know who remembers his life. He said he captures memories, because if he forgets them, it’s as though they didn’t happen; it’s as though he hadn’t lived the parts he doesn’t remember.” Donald Miller

Watched it.

It’s been a thought provoking week of theatre and film. Lucy Richardson directing Stephanie Jacob’s Strongbox at the Vault Festival was really fantastic. Only regret being I didn’t drag someone along to share the experience with me! What have I hidden behind the veil, trying to pretend it never really happened? What are my deepest fears and am I hurting people to hide them? 

On Friday, I got a sneak peak of the play Sarah Simmons is working on called Boulder, which comes recommended when it hits the stage. Very smart – a technically, musically and visually engaging piece. What is it that consumes my life? What is it I am struggling against but can never be free of and need to accept? Is my mountain no more than another man’s boulder? 

My film watching has created less soul searching. Something strange in Anomalisa, something tense and original in Get Out, and an easy watching winner in Baby Driver.

EDIT/confession: I also watched Baby’s Day Out. #sorry #pleaseforgiveme #doingitforthekids

The Breads.

Finally, in the name of being creative, I have naturally been re-writing the lyrics to “The Girls” by Calvin Harris to make it about bread. Go on, sing it.

I like them black breads, I like them white breads
I like them Asian breads, I like them mix-seed breads
I like them Spanish breads, I like them Italian breads
I like them French breads and I like Scandinavian breads

I like them long baguettes, I like them short baguettes
I like them tasty tiger breads, I like them giant giraffe breads
I like big bloomers, I like them artisan loaves
I like them hollowed out and filled with a hearty stew breads
Now baby, I’ve got a lot of carbs to eat

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